A pitot tube is a device located on the wings or nose of an aircraft that along with the flush static port, provides the pilot with air speed and altitude readings. A pitot-static probe provides the same information from a single unit.  Since these instruments are located outside the aircraft, they need be heated to protect against icing.

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Pitot & Pitot-Static Probe Heaters for New and Existing Designs

At Thermetic Products, we can custom design and manufacture Pitot and Pitot-Static Probe Heaters for new or existing structures. We have a variety of designs and heater styles that can be customized to your probes’ specifications, including:

  • Coaxial Cable
  • Mini Hairpin Tubular
  • Cartridge Heater

Our anti-icing Pitot Static Probe Heater designs can incorporate nichrome, compensating resistance elements (such as Balco and alloy 99), or a combination of both. Cartridge heaters and heating assemblies are made with pressure pass-throughs for pitot tubes. 

Choose Thermetic Products for Your Pitot Tube & Pitot-Static Probe Heater Needs

In the market for a custom Pitot Tube or Pitot-Static Probe Heater to meet your application needs? Thermetic Products has you covered. Our Pitot Tube and Pitot-Static Probe Heating element options are custom designed to meet your unique project needs. For more information, please contact us via email at info@thermetic.com or call +1 952 542-9355.