Thermetic Medical Capabilities

Thermetic offers custom medical capabilities to produce the products and solutions you need. With entirely custom wire coiling and laser welding capabilities, we can design and engineer medical coils specifically for your application or manufacture to your design.

Using different types of alloys, round or flat wire, and multiple diameters/coil spacing allows us to provide custom wire coiling. Thermetic Medical offers in-house laser welding capabilities for any quantity of medical components. If you are searching for coil assembly manufacturing options, we are happy to discuss the different assemblies we offer.

Custom Coil Options

Our custom coil options include the following:

  • Wire Options
    • Round wire
    • Flat wire
    • Shaped wire
    • Single-filar or multi-filar coils
  • Pitch Options
    • Tight wound
    • Close wound
    • Open wound
    • Variable pitch
  • End Cut Options
    • Rough cut
    • Radial cut
    • Axial cut
    • Staggered cut
    • Square cut

Additional Medical Manufacturing Capabilities

Thermetic Products also offers the following custom medical coil manufacturing capabilities:

Why Choose Thermetic Products for Your Custom Coil Needs?

In the market for custom catheters and medical coiling solutions? Thermetic Products designs, engineers, and manufactures custom coil solutions for your application needs. At Thermetic Products, we offer the following advantages to meet your project needs:

  • Small, medium & large run production capabilities
  • Quick turnarounds: Couple of days for in-stock materials
  • Semi-automated production
    • Flexible, hands-on production
    • Custom design capabilities

Contact Thermetic Products for Custom Medical Coiling Solutions Today

In the market for custom catheter coils and medical coiling solutions? Thermetic Products, Inc. is your wire coil assembly manufacturer. Thermetic engineers custom catheter assemblies and medical coiling to meet your project requirements. Contact us at 952-542-9355 or request a quote for direct pricing information today.