Injection molding applications require specific heaters to ensure certain processes are completed to their specifications. Heaters for injection molding applications are commonly referred to as Hot Runner Heaters, Coil Heaters, Mini Coil Heaters, and Injection Molding Heaters.

Thermetic Products’ offers several standard and custom heater options for plastics and injection molding applications. For more information, please contact us via email at or call +1 952 542-9355.

Plastic Heater Options

At Thermetic Products, we offer the following heater options for your plastic application needs:

Hot Runner Heaters

Thermetic Products can create hot runner heaters to fit any system. Our reliable technology and skilled engineers can deliver hot runner heaters faster than the competition. All single-end termination heaters are stocked straight in most common wattages and can be coiled to size and shipped quickly.

Our custom Hot Runner Heater designs can be configured to your new and legacy hot runner system design requirements, delivering enhanced performance and dependability.

Coil Heaters

Thermetic Products offers the industry's most innovative coil heaters and precision heating solutions. Our square (3 mm x 3 mm) and rectangular (2.2 mm x 4.2 mm) single-ended termination heaters with integrated thermocouples are stocked straight in the most popular wattages and can be coiled to size for quick delivery. 

Mini Coil Heaters

Our mini coil heaters are available in 1.4 mm diameter or 1.8 mm diameter (flattened to 1.4 mm), which can be coiled to specification and placed in a housing, clamp, brass brushing, or cover sleeve.

Injection Molding Heaters

Custom injection molding heaters are manufactured in various configurations to meet your project specification requirements. Whether your project requires straight-length or coiled designs, Thermetic Products can configure a custom design that meets your size, design, and temperature specifications.

Why Choose Thermetic Products for Your Plastic Application Heating Needs?

Thermetic Products Incorporated is an industry leader in standard and custom heaters for plastic applications for OEMs and our global network of distributors. We manufacture top-tier quality heaters with extended life cycles that remain effective far longer than competing models. Our unique design and customization options cover virtually all new and legacy plastic and injection molding system’s needs.

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Searching for the ideal heating solution for your plastic and injection molding application requirements? Thermetic Products has you covered. We provide innovative plastic heating solutions to meet the needs of any project. For more information, please contact us via email at or call +1 952 542-9355.