Heating Coil Manufacturing Requirements

Choosing a proper alloy for the application is essential when manufacturing heating coils. Characteristics of the alloy should adequately align with the needs of the coil and be determined by:

  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Reliable resistance
  • Melting point
  • Propensity for corrosion
  • Expansion

Open & Covered Heating Coil Advantages

Coils used for heating applications can be covered or open, depending on the desired result.

Benefits to open element heating coils:

  • Low maintenance, easy-to-replace parts
  • Rapid heating times
  • Susceptible to damage

Covered element heating coil benefits include:

  • Direct heating processes are more corrosive
  • Protective sheath reduces the risk of electrocution and fires

Choosing the proper custom coil for your heating element avoids wasted energy and ensures the optimal heating area is covered.

Micro Coils

Custom micro coils perform similar functions to regular coils but are minuscule. Often, working with micro coils requires a magnifying glass or microscope.

Micro Coil Applicable Size Options

At Thermetic Medical, we can wind a coil using a wire as small as .001” to a coil with an OD of .005”.

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