Laser welding utilizes a precise laser to join materials. The laser welding process is highly repeatable, consistent, and reliable. Laser welding is used to join custom medical coilsheating coils, and micro coils into many medical devices.

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Laser Welding for Medical Devices

Laser welding is commonly used in the medical industry for its accuracy and reliability. It can be used on tiny medical instruments with precision. The laser requires no additional chemicals such as flux, making the welding process clean and ideal for medical industry standards.

In addition to joining materials together with a strong bond, laser welding is cosmetically advantageous. Because the laser is so tiny and exact, the results are aesthetically pleasing while retaining durability. Medical devices welded by Thermetic are well-suited for medical applications. 

Laser welding joins many types of materials, increasing its versatility and enabling the manufacturing of many different medical devices.

What Are the Benefits of Precision Laser Welding?

The precise nature of laser welding makes it ideal for many applications. Laser welding offers many benefits, which include:

  • Repeatable and accurate
  • Low heat input
  • Clean, non-contact process
  • High-speed production
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective in joining dissimilar materials
  • Weldable near heat-sensitive areas

Choose Thermetic For Custom Laser Welding

Thermetic offers high-quality custom laser welding to ensure your precise specifications are met.

In-House Design

We provide in-house design opportunities to ensure your order is produced with the highest quality service available. Our experts are well-trained to craft your welding requests with extreme precision.

Flexible and Semi-Automatic Tooling

Thermetic uses flexible and semi-automatic tooling to adjust to your project requirements. We can accommodate detailed requests and quickly meet your needs.

Custom Laser Welding

If you can think it, Thermetic can weld it. No project is too big or too small; we can weld one prototype or a thousand assemblies. Trust Thermetic for all your custom laser welding needs.

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