Hot Runner Heater Product Offering

Our featured Kappa series hot runner heaters utilize and inner and outer sleeve for improved performance. The Kappa series offers a unique housing. We also offer square and rectangular cross-sections with integrated thermocouples. All single-end termination heaters are stocked straight in most common wattages and can be coiled to size and shipped quickly.

Additional Hot Runner Heaters

  • Brass Bushing
  • Axial Cam & Wedge
  • Tangential Screw
  • Cover Sleeve Designs

Hot Runner Heater Cable Types

Customization options include coiled-to-size cables. We also do heaters for single cavity molds. Some hot runner coil types include:

  • Dual-ended termination mini cable (1.4 and 1.8mm)
  • Single-end termination stocked straight (Can integrate thermocouple) in 2.2x4.2mm and 3x3mm cross sections

Hot Runner Heater Specifications

We offer hot runners in standard and custom inside diameters (SAE and mm). Hot runner heaters can be made to different lengths and diameters to fit your existing system. Our skilled machinists can provide heaters to fit systems based on your specifications. Heater cables can be packaged to different configurations to fit with existing legacy runners or a different diameter runner. We can adapt new heaters with different sizes and clamps to fit new systems. We also make heaters for single cavity molds. Thermetic Products offers hot runner heaters in most common wattages.

Why Choose Thermetic Products Incorporated for Hot Runner Heaters

We pride ourselves on being one of a select few manufacturers capable of creating hot runner heaters that maintain value and effectiveness over time. We can create heaters to fit any system, and our reliable technology and skilled engineers can deliver hot runner heaters faster than the competition. Oftentimes, we can create hot runner heaters based on a single picture.

Hot Runner Heater Applications

Thermetic Products is a global provider of heated solutions for a diverse number of industries. Starting in plastic injection molding industry, we have expanded into Aerospace, 3D printing, renewable energy and more. Our hot runner heaters are ideal for large-scale plastic processing operations. Hot runners eliminate waste and can hold up to quick, repeatable cycles with no grinding process needed. Our hot runner heaters offer tight resistance tolerance for high-speed applications. Thermetic Products’ hot runner heaters ensure each cavity is heated to the exact same temperature to ensure proper flow.

Heaters for OEMs And Distributers

We supply OEMs for large-scale products and as replacement market through our global network of distributors. As a hot runner manufacturer, we have experience creating hot runner heaters for a variety of applications.

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